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    Initial Deposit
    + Required upon drop off of the computer. Non-Refundable. + Counts as the minimum labor and diagnostic fee. +Counts towards the total cost of labor. +Does not count towards parts.
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    Standard Labor Rates
    + Standard Labor Rates are what we charge for "On The Bench Work" and remote/home service calls. + Does have a Max Labor Rate. + 89.50 is the standard hourly rate. + 199.50 is the Max Labor Rate.
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    Preset Labor Rates
    + Labor Rates that we have Preset to save confusion + System Cleanups are 159.99. Which include removal of malware, spyware, and other harmful software from the PC. + System Reloads are 139.99 and include doing a complete system reload back to factory default. (Data backup and restores included)
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    Data Recovery
    + Attempts to recover data from a failing drive. + Will try to recover Pictures, Documents, Movies, Music, and other data files. + Given the tricky nature of data recovery we cannot guarantee that all the data will be intact. + We charge at the Standard Labor Rate for data recovery.
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